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Data analytics grows relationships, builds business
Source: “How customer experience is driving digital disruption,” theonebrief.com.
“We are at the precipice of unbelievably powerful advancements driven by technology. We no longer have to ask if we can do it, but if we should do it, and if we do, how do we do it responsibly,” — Eric Boyum, Managing Director, Technology & Communications Industry, Aon.*
We’ve all heard the terms. Big data. Data analytics. Customer service management solutions. Although their exact meanings may be foreign to you, they are extremely important to your real estate business.
Get in the big data game
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Data insights are imperative to evaluating customer value and providing optimal customer service.
You are in the business of helping people realize their dreams. When you list and show a property, you provide all the information you can to the potential buyers so they can make an informed decision. Data analytics allows you to pinpoint exactly what customers are looking for, where they want to live, what they want in a school district, etc. It’s all about customer wants and needs, and real estate agents help them achieve their goal. To do that, they must rely on and create data that is functional, useful and accurate.
The use of data analytics has become necessary in real estate. Data insights are imperative to evaluating customer value and providing optimal customer service. From Google Analytics to customer relationship management software systems, determining and managing analytic data is the key to successful lead generation and increased sales. OnCourse Learning is here to help. Our 2017 Real Estate Resource Guide will discuss and define data analytics and provide real estate agents, brokers and REALTORS® with the tools they need to put it to work for them.
You can do it
In this guide, you will find content relevant to helping your real estate business implement systems to create a usable database, compile that data and then craft a marketing plan around it to build leads. You’ll learn how to determine whether your business needs CRM software and which system best suits your business. You’ll learn about Google Analytics and how to put its most powerful metrics to work for you. You’ll also get a glimpse of how predictive analytics works to help you stay ahead of the competition.
You should do it, and we’ll help
Do it responsibly
The end step of all of this is accuracy. It’s your responsibility to maintain accurate data so that you, your clients, your colleagues and their clients will benefit from all your hard work. To that end, we’ve included information on the importance of data integrity and why a digital clean-up is crucial to real estate. Our goal is to help you — our colleagues, partners and friends — provide the best service possible to your clients. We hope the content provided here achieves that goal. We want you to get in the big data game and watch your relationships grow.
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