Don’t be afraid to jump in
Start your journey into Google analytics with these helpful metrics
Using a real estate marketing analytics tool can be intimidating, especially because of the number of metrics it can produce. But it doesn’t have to be. In “13 Google Analytics reports for your real estate website” on, author Matthew Bushery examined the reports he believes are most beneficial.

According to the article:
If you’re new to Google Analytics, the first step is to determine which metrics make the most sense for your business can be overwhelming. Use these tips to get you on your way!
For those who may feel a bit overwhelmed by all analytics has to offer, the article “6 key website metrics you need to track,” provides even more help quelling the fear of data overload. In addition to source of traffic and exit pages, author Tony Messer suggested these metrics be utilized:
Quell the fear of data overload
There are tons of data available from Google Analytics. Create an account, log on and become informed!
Reach your SEO goals with great content
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report analyzes the amount of traffic coming to your website from direct, referral, social, email and organic search. Although “you may get most of your traffic from Google,” Bushery wrote, “don’t discount the effects your drip campaigns, guest blogging and other off-site promotional efforts have on this metric.”
report looks at the specific channels that helped drive traffic to your site, such as search engines, social platforms, blogs or other websites. For example, if 20% of your traffic comes from Facebook, it means you are doing well developing a presence on that site, Bushery wrote.
Users Flow
report, which analyzes the paths users commonly take while navigating your website, allows you to understand where visitors spend most of their time on your site and how they navigate through it.
New vs. Returning
report provides a side-by-side comparison of new and returning visitors. Bushery wrote, “… if you notice the bounce rate for returning visitors bumps up from first-timers to your site, or that returning traffic isn’t visiting as many pages as new users, it’s an indication you need to dive deeper into what’s turning visitors off.”
Exit Pages
report analyzes the last pages visitors looked at during their sessions, so if they are tending to leave the site after one or two pages, this is a sign those pages should be modified.
Top Events
report looks at specific interactions users have on your various pages, from video views to form fill-outs to clicks on links, and can indicate which are popular and which are not.
Frequency & Recency
report provides the total count of and the number of days since last website sessions. “As long as you have a high traffic total,” Bushery wrote, “getting even 1% of visitors to come back, say, five times in the last month is still a good indication your site is proving useful in their home and agent searches.”
Landing Pages
report tells you on which pages visitors entered your website, and that will help you decide which pages to keep, make changes to and get rid of.
Content Drilldown
report analyzes the traffic totals for each subfolder on your website.
report analyzes where in the world your website traffic originates. If the bulk of your traffic isn’t local, it likely means you are not using enough keywords that pertain to your market.
report lets you know whether you are attracting the people you tend to represent most often in home transactions.
report indicates the types of devices visitors to your website use. If you have a disproportionately high percentage of traffic from desktop computers, your site may not be user friendly on mobile devices.
Search Queries
report analyzes Googled terms that generated traffic for your site. This will let you know which terms to use more frequently on your site to dominate particular keywords.
Unique traffic
refers to the number of different visitors to your website during a specified time period (a day, a week, a month).
Knowing your
bounce rate
can help you figure out what on your site might be making visitors leave.
Knowing your
top pages
, the ones your visitors find most important, “helps you make informed decisions as you tweak the pages for on-page SEO,” Messer wrote.
conversion rate
is the number of visitors who completed a desired goal (filling out a form, viewing a page, etc.) compared with the total number of visitors. A low conversion rate can mean you aren’t attracting the right kind of visitors or that your site isn’t compelling enough.
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